CFP – Before and After Wyclif: Sources and textual influences

Call for papers:

Before and After Wyclif: Sources and textual influences
10-11 September 2016 – Università degli Studi di Milano

Conference Aims:

The conference theme is Wyclif and sources. We expect that the results of recent scholarship provide matter and insights for further enquiries both 1) into Wyclif’s intellectual dependence upon some authorities in the development of his philosophical, theological and pastoral teachings, and 2) into his own doctrinal influence on the subsequent scholastic and religious debates. The aim of the conference is therefore to enhance our understanding of Wyclif’s thought and of his place in his contemporaneous intellectual milieu from the standpoint of textual dependence and/or influence. Papers dealing with all relevant questions – from the material to the doctrinal issues – concerning Wyclif’s attitude to sources, as well as concerning Wyclif as a source, will be welcome.

Conference Organizers:

Stefano Simonetta (
Luigi Campi (


Eligible presenters are invited to submit:

• an abstract (no more than 200 words) with an essential bibliography;
• a separate title page with institutional affiliation and academic position, paper title, and contact information.

Both documents should be sent no later than 15 September 2015 to Luigi Campi (

Early career researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

Part of our funding is intended to cover expenses for contributors who have insufficient grants to draw upon. The bursaries possibly will not be sufficient to cover anyone’s entire trip; still, we hope we will be able to provide substantial support to recipients who would otherwise find it difficult to participate in the conference. If you would like to apply for one of the bursaries, we invite you to point it out in your proposal.

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