Diplôme Européen d’Études Médiévales – FIDEM

È stato pubblicato il bando per la partecipazione al Diploma Europeo organizzato dalla FIDEM. Qui di seguito le principali informazioni. Per ulteriori dettagli, si può consultare il sito della FIDEM.

The Diploma in Medieval Studies, created at Louvain-la-Neuve in 1991 by the Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Etudes Médiévales (FIDEM), is organised in the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme in cooperation with LUMSA University in Rome (erasmuslumsa@lumsa.it). Students coming from universities with an Erasmus+ agreement with LUMSA do not have to pay the enrolment fee.

The courses, which are taught in Rome at the Norwegian Institute (https://www.hf.uio.no/dnir/english/), focus on methodology and teaching of auxiliary disciplines: Classical Latin, Medieval Latin, Palaeography, Codicology, Diplomatic, and Text Editing.

All the courses will be held in person. However we will continue to offer remote learning to students who cannot attend (non-Erasmus+ students only) .

The in-class programme will be subject to the Covid-19 health measures issued by the Italian Government.

Classes start on Monday, 24 October 2022 (with Italian I, which is an optional course), and will continue according to schedule (https://fidemweb.org/project/deem-2022-2023/).

A minimum of 6 participants is required for the course to start.

Attendance (both in-class and online) can take three forms: annual (60 ECTS), modular (30 ECTS), and personalised (2 or 4 ECTS).

The prerequisite for admission to the Diploma is a bachelor’s degree in one of the humanities

A working knowledge of Italian, English and French. There will be 2 optional Italian language courses.

General coordination is by Doctor Massimiliano Lenzi (Sapienza, Università di Roma) (deem@fidemweb.org)

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